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Welcome to the HOPE Portal , the only website for childhood, adolescent/young adult cancer information that lets users customize their search to find reliable information easily.

The HOPE Portal is a service of the HOPE Resource Center for Health Education at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Users can search the HOPE Portal based on age and diagnosis, as well as topics such as advocacy, clinical trials, coping, fertility, financial assistance, nutrition, and more. Now, collaboration with the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer, a network of over 80 organizations and individuals supporting and serving the childhood cancer community, makes it possible for users to search for information and resources based on their geographic location and for organizations to submit information using an online application form.

Are You Interested in Having Your Resource Listed?

To be included as a resource on the HOPE Portal, organizations are encouraged to complete and submit the application form After the application is reviewed, you will be notified whether or not it has been approved for posting on the HOPE Portal. Once approved, the information provided on the application form will be posted on the HOPE Portal. Each application is carefully reviewed by a team composed of representatives from CAC2 and the HOPE Portal. Organizations can anticipate that it may take approximately a month for an application to be approved, depending on the number of applications under review at any time. For questions or further information, please contact the HOPE Portal team at

We look forward to your participation as we work together to help families find the essential information and resources they need.